Click2Sell Pay Admin Training

D. Signed-Up and Using Click2Sell Pay Administrative Account will work exactly like the other admin account(s) we provide as far as getting companies to work for and getting paid. The only difference is that Click2Sell will allow more countries to participate and allow you to be paid with EITHER PayPal or Moneybookers. This is important because PayPal is not allowed in certain countries and Moneybookers is.

To see if your country is allowed by Moneybookers CLICK HERE
(Click on "Country of Residence" to see if your country is listed.)

If you already have a PayPal account that can receive money you can skip the next step of signing up with Moneybookers.

If you cannot use PayPal to receive money and your country IS listed in Moneybookers we will suggest to continue to set up your Moneybookers account through the link we provided above.

After you have set up your Moneybookers account you can proceed to set up your Click2Sell account which we have provided a tutorial below.


The company is Click2Sell who is one of the largest NON-USA work-at-home admin account provider for online payroll accounts and digital product companies to work for.

The administrative account you will want to sign-up for is Click2Sell. We are going to walk you through sign up process with Click2Sell which will establish your sign up with all of the hundreds of companies listed with Click2Sell.

Signing up for your Click2Sell account

To begin the sign up process click below link:

After you have been directed to the home page,
click on the
option on the upper right of page.

You will be on the following sign-up page:


Start by choosing an account username and password

Next enter your personal information such as name, address, country, phone, etc.

You will then select how you want to be paid. You will enter EITHER your PayPal Email ID OR your Moneybookers Email ID.

Skip the MERCHANTS: section as you are NOT a merchant.

You are an affiliate so you will check off EITHER the PayPal option or Moneybookers option.

You can then select the currency of choice.

After filling in all of your information and check off the agreement to Click2Sell terms, you will need to enter the captcha and then click "SIGN UP NOW"

After you have clicked the "Sign Up Now" you will receive a notification of confirmation being sent to your e-mail address.

Go to your e-mail address and your Click2Sell account details will be there.

Logging into your Click2Sell account
To login to your Click2Sell account go to, then select "LOGIN" located on the upper right portion of page. On the "LOGIN" page you will use your Username and the Password you chose at signup. After you have entered your username and password click "SUBMIT" and go to the next section of training.

Click2Sell Administrative Account Features
We will show you the key features of your Click2Sell administrative account. We will go into more detail in the next sections of our program on how to use some of the features, such as choosing companies,etc.




Account Features
After you have clicked on "Login" you will be brought to your Click2Sell account home page shown above, which is actually the "Report" page.

A. Account Home

This is the page you will be on when you first log into your Click2Sell account home
page, which is actually your earnings report page. Here you will be able to see your
current earnings for that day. You can also do searches for earnings by a particular
date, weekly, monthly, etc.

B. For Affiliates

This page will list the current companies you are submitting links for as we will go over
a little later on that process of submitting your Click2Sell links for pay.

C. Payments

Here you can search for payments currently owed for your work, or previous payments
made to you for your work.

D. Marketplace

The "Marketplace" is where you will get the promotion links for the companies you want
to work with. We will go over exactly how to do that in the next section of training.

E. Daily Sales Subtotals

This will display the daily, weekly, monthly, etc. earnings with more details.

IMPORTANT: You will be considered an "AFFILIATE" for Click2Sell and you will not need to know any of the "MERCHANT" features in Click2Sell. To avoid confusion, we suggest to not even click on the "For Merchant" option.

How to Select the Companies in Click2Sell
We are going to show you how to locate and select the companies to work for in your Click2Sell account. We will show you how your pay will be determined based upon each company's offer to you.


How to Select Companies for:

If you are not logged into Click2Sell,
you will need to log into your Click2Sell account

After you are logged into your account, click on the "MARKETPLACE" button on top right of page.

That will take you to the following page:


You will have three options:

A. Search the Click2Sell Marketplace: Here you can search for a particular company, or a type of product or service offered.

B. List of Categories: You also have the option to search for companies by categories, and sub-categories such as "Marketing & Promotion," "Business 2 Business," etc. For example, if you wanted to find the company for diets you would look for them under "Health Care."

C. Click2Sell Companies: In this section is where the actual companies you can choose from will be displayed. We will show you in the next section how to select the company of your choice and get your promotion link which will be used in your data submissions in the posting section of our program for earnings.

For our tutorial click on "Business 2 Business" on the list of categories.

Then scroll down to the list of available Click2Sell companies.

You Will See This Section:


Here are the basics of the companies listed:

Rank: The rank of the company listed in the Marketplace is based on the popularity. This is not a major factor in determining the companies you want to use.

B. Product: This will list the company details on what they offer on their Web site. If you click on the green highlighted text it will open a separate window of the company's actual Web site for you to view more details of their product and do any research you want.

C. Price: This is the price the company charges for their product. You are not going to buy anything so this is not relevant to your selection.

D. Earn %: This is the amount you will be paid for each posting/sale from the companies product sale price. (Example: If the companies product sale price is $50. and the 'Commission" amount for this product you will be paid is 50%, then you would earn $25 for each posting/sale you do for this company.

E. Earn Total: This is the exact calculated amount you will earn for this company based on the flat rate or % in section D.

F. Details: The DETAILS section will allow you two options; one is to get more information on the company by clicking on the "MORE INFO." option, and two is to get your promotion link for the company by clicking on the "PROMOTE" option.

G. Promote: If you were to decide to work for any of the Click2Sell companies this is where you will get your affiliate promotion link that you will use to post in all of your data submissions. This will be the link you place into all of your data submissions that you will be posting to Internet in the Posting section. (We are going to show you how to do this in the Posting section of the training.)

Getting the pay Link codes for each Click2Sell company
Once you have located the company or companies you would like to post data for in Click2Sell, you will need to obtain their special promotion link in order to get credit for the submissions you produce through your promotions in Posting section of our program.

Getting Promotions Links for Your:


You will need to be logged into your Clickbank account to obtain the affiliate promotion links for any of the companies in Clickbank.

After you are logged into your account, click on "MARKETPLACE" button.

For our training purpose click on the "Business 2 Business" link in the marketplace

You can select any of the companies listed on the page.

To get your promotion link, click on the "PROMOTE" button next to the company in the Details section.

You will then be at the following page:


The first link listed on the page "Your Affiliate Link" will be the only link you will need. Disregard ALL of the other links listed on the page.

You Click2Sell affiliate promotion link will look like this:

The will break down like this:

The first part in (Orange) will be your Click2Sell username

The next part (Green) will be the Merchant name.

NOTE: Each promotion will be different for each affiliate (you) and each company. So your promotion link will not be exactly as shown above, but the format will be the same.

The promotion is the link you will need to use in the posting methods we will show you in POSTING section of this training program. So you will need to do this each time you choose a company from Click2Sell to submit data to the Internet.

Whenever you want to get your affiliate promotion link for any Click2Sell companies you want to promote, click on the "PROMOTE" button and copy the link as shown above.

Best Click2Sell companies to work with
We will show you a formula we use to select good Click2Sell companies. This is not written is stone, but can get you a better idea on how to select good Click2Sell companies.

We are going to show you how to select good Click2Sell companies by using two important factors:

FACTOR 1: When looking at the performance stats of each company we will focus on two columns. We want you to ONLY focus on EARN %, and CONV. %.

Why these two? The answer is this:
The EARN % will be the percentage that this company is willing to pay you in commission of each sale. You ONLY want companies at or above 50% for each sale you produce. So make sure when selecting a company, you look at this to make sure you are going to make at least 50%.

The CONV. % is another important performance stat to look for when choosing a company. This number represents the conversion per visitor to the companies Web site. When selecting the CONV.% make sure this number is NO lower than 0.50

You can search through Click2Sell Marketplace until you find companies 50% or above in EARN % and above the 0.50 CONV. %. This will still cover about 80% or more of the available Click2Sell companies.

FACTOR 2: After you find companies that meet Factor Ones criteria, you now must inspect the Web site to see how well the Web site is layed out. Click on the "Product Description" to enter the site. Look at how good the website looks, here are some things to look at:

1.) Is it professional looking?
2.) What is its impression on you?
3.) Would you purchase this product if this was what you were looking to buy?
Does the Web site get its selling point across?
5.) The site is NOT full of irrelevant information

Some other good selling points on the pitch but are not required are:
Time Sensitive -
The web site is only offering a discount or reduced price for a limited amount of time. Testimonials - The web site has actual people that have tried the product and have been satisfied.

If you find good companies using Factor 1 and Factor 2 you will have the first big piece of the puzzle. You do not have to follow these two factors if you choose. We just are trying to eliminate you getting a bad company, or over saturated with workers company.

So when you want to make money for any companies in Click2Sell, do these following steps:

1.) Log into your Click2Sell admin members account.
2.) Choose the company you want to work with in the Marketplace.
3.) Get your affiliate promotion hoplink.
4.) Go to POSTING section of our program and post your submissions to get paid.